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Smart AI makes life carefree

Non-cooperative face detection and recognition

Advanced face detection and recognition technology that works under real world conditions. In a matter of milliseconds, Blurams Smart AI detects faces, crops the facial image and completes a quality assessment. The face is aligned, recognition analysis completed & followed by face clustering, ensuring accurate and fast processing. This advanced application of cutting-edge imaging technology offers a pragmatic use-case for homes, shops and a multitude of other venues.

Video timelapse & highlights

Employing structural analysis of video stream data, combined with object recognition, feature extraction & facial attribute analysis, Smart AI empowers users to quickly view valuable insights from a potentially massive stream of video data.

Video data analysis

Smart AI can identify the position and number of pedestrians & unique bodies present in a video stream. By completing a real-time analysis of pedestrian heads, bodies and limbs, the tracking of the same person’s action trajectory can be calculated. Widely used across retail, security and events industries, this technology provides unprecedented insights on consumer behaviour.