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June 24, 2020

It’s a Home Improvement Blitz! Don’t Forget Security.

home cctv camera

We're all spending far more time indoors and at home. The spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has changed the way we spend our time, spend our money and interact with others. An interesting data point that arose this month was a surge in spending on home improvement items. This insight would suggest that homeowners are using their downtime to improve their properties and deck out their new home workstations. 

As you spend more on a shiny new laptop and designer furniture, consider who else might be interested in your new goodies. While home theft and burglaries are not a significant concern right now, it's the perfect time to consider your home's security protocol and make changes to protect your family's safety and brand-new purchases. Here are our seven best tips to use your time indoors throughout Coronavirus productively by improving your home's security.


Secure Doors and Windows

The most common entry points to your home for intruders are your doors and windows. When's the last time you checked their infallibility? Apart from ensuring your locks work (and that you use them!), make sure your door and window frames are intact, and the hinges are protected. 

If there are windows that are accessible but never used, add window bars. Those that are obvious access points would benefit from glass break sensors - no surprises! Consider installing a deadbolt, smart lock or a video doorbell so you can see and communicate with visitors before they enter. 


Light it Up!

(Most) thieves hate the spotlight - particularly petty neighbourhood criminals. Lighting up your home-scape is one of the best ways to deter potential misfits. Adding external lighting reduces the chance criminals will target your home in the first place as they're more likely to be seen and raise the community alarm. Not only does external lighting deter burglars, but it also adds a luxurious touch to your property's street-front presentation. Motion-activated lights are your best bet, preserving power and notifying you of movement outside your home. 


Check Your Wi-Fi Network

One-third of Americans have admitted to attempting to steal an unsuspecting victim's Wi-Fi! While the vast majority of these infiltrators are benign or otherwise harmless, it does highlight the importance of securing your digital networks and online data. If you have smart home devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, hackers can use this to disable your systems, rendering a large part of your security system redundant.

  • Make sure you have a password set
  • Change your networks name and hide it from public view
  • Install antivirus software on all your devices


Install a Safe

Have important documents, heirlooms or otherwise priceless artifacts? Get a physical safe installed. They're considerably cheaper than they used to be and easy to use. Now could be a great time to add this asset to your home. Just make sure to set a robust secret code!


Get Your Green Thumb Out

Plants can be used as privacy to obscure your home's valuables as well as your family's movements when used strategically. However, they can also give criminals a tempting cover to hide. As a general rule, trim trees and shrubs near your windows, keeping all potential access points visible and not hidden. Don't tempt thieves with easy cover.


Add a Wireless Security Camera

One of the very best investments you can make for your peace of mind is a wireless home security system. Smart home security cameras can be linked to your Wi-Fi network and monitored live from your phone at any time, meaning you can check on your house and loved ones when you're out and about. While we're mostly stuck at home at the moment, your house is under the most threat when nobody's home, so get your system set up and ready to go today. The best cameras also feature facial recognition and real-time alerts. Their AI software can identify friendly-faces as well as unknown guests. For proactive, real-time home security, nothing beats an advanced home security camera system.


Make Sure You Have an Alarm Installed

The alarm you choose should have visible signage and be correctly programmed, installed and maintained. Alarms work as a deterrence; the chance that it could go off is usually enough of a warning for potential thieves to skip your home. Conveniently, modern home security cameras typically have alarms inbuilt. If an unexpected person shows up, you can be immediately notified on your phone and choose to set off a siren or flashing light. 

Are you looking for a wireless security camera system for your home? Blurams Australia offers a wide range of wireless security cameras to suit every budget and security need. Each model integrates with Alexa and provides wireless security streaming and cloud storage. If you have any questions about how to maximise your home's security, get in touch with our friendly local Australian team today.