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June 24, 2020

5 Reasons to Consider a Wireless Home Security Camera

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If you've ever thought about securing your property - whether it be protecting your home and family from intruders, or your business premises from theft - you've probably considered some form of a security camera. In recent years advances in video and wireless technology, backed by faster internet access, has allowed home security to become far more effective and accessible to the average person.

No longer do you need a crime-den like security room with hundreds of cables, hard drives and screens to secure your house or warehouse. With the advent of wireless security cameras, it's as simple as setting it up and checking your phone for a live stream wherever you are. While some cameras are better than others, even basic models may offer what you're looking for in a home security solution. Let's take a look at the five main advantages of wireless home security cameras over their alternative.

Reason #1: They Stay Online 24/7

Wired home security systems are fixed, clumsy and a slave to power. If the power goes out, so does your security, not to mention the phone or fixed internet lines dropping out...

A wireless security camera may have additional redundancies in place to minimise downtime. If your Wi-Fi network is powered directly, you may face the same problems with a fixed system. Some wireless security cameras, therefore, include a dedicated mobile 4G connection as well as a battery back-up option. 

Furthermore, any wirelessly recorded video gets uploaded and stored in the cloud, so they're not reliant on a fixed connection to a recorder or physical hard-drive. Wireless security cameras offer more flexibility if the worst was to happen.

Reason #2: They're Easy to Install and Extremely Versatile

Wireless security cameras are super simple to set up. As stand-alone devices, you won't need to drill any walls or set up any wiring. This convenience means you'll save a bunch of time and effort. If your wireless security camera is battery powered, you can put it wherever you'd like it to be and have it work straight away, no cables at all!

“The flexibility of wireless security cameras makes them futureproof”

Once you've turned your new camera on, connect it to your Wi-Fi network using the app on your phone. Set up and test the live stream feed as well as any alerts you'd like to set up: boom - your new camera's good to go. 

The flexibility of wireless security cameras makes them futureproof. If you need to relocate the camera in the future or add another to your fleet, it's as simple as picking it up and moving it to the new location. No cables or networking to worry about.

Reason #3: It's’ Easy to Customise Your Wireless Security System

A wireless security system is easy to expand or reduce as your situation changes. As opposed to a fixed system, customising your entire security system is a relatively simple task. Perhaps you've developed your residence or welcomed someone new to the family - conveniently add a new wireless camera device to monitor the new surveillance area. 

"The beauty of wireless security systems is their unmatched versatility and flexibility"

Need to remove a camera from a child's room as they grow? Pick it up and put it somewhere new. The beauty of wireless security systems is their unmatched versatility and flexibility, allowing for straightforward expansion and future configuration changes. 

Reason #4: Monitor Your Properties From Anywhere

Perhaps you travel a lot or have a holiday home (or two!). Being able to monitor your properties remotely is essential. After setting up your wireless security system, you'll be able to view a live stream from your phone, wherever you are in the world. Better cameras will also allow you to interact and set up notifications, alerts or alarms in the event of an intruder incident. 

“Most wireless cameras will also offer the option to store captured footage in the cloud” 

Most wireless cameras will also offer the option to store captured footage in the cloud (usually via a subscription service). This feature means that not only can you view the current stream, but also review past video footage if required.

Reason #5: They’re Smart, Connect it to Your Smart Home

Smart home devices are becoming the norm. It's uncommon that someone now hasn't heard of Google Home, Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri. They're pervasive, and while not everyone's onboard (yet), their usefulness is undoubtedly real. The best wireless security cameras will integrate with your smart home device, allowing you to automate or facilitate other devices, appliances and tasks into your home's security capabilities. You'll be able to view and control your security camera with your voice - pretty neat!

Are you looking for a wireless security camera that has everything your business or your family needs to feel safe? Blurams Australia offers a wide range of wireless security cameras to suit every budget and security need. Each model integrates with Alexa and provides an authentic, wireless security streaming solution. For more insights or if you have any questions, please get in touch today.